Having fun at Farmers Market

Hello, my lovelies! Hope you are all doing great! What about me... Hmmm, I'm quite busy because I'm doing my summer internship. However, I'm still enjoying my summer. First, I want to talk about my outfit because I'm in love with the colors. I wore a beige jacket with gold buttons by Aina Magomalieva a founder of MILO. I'm a big fan of earth colors. I think nude colors fit with almost everything, that's why most of my clothes are neutral colors. I also wore green floral Zara pants, light pink T-shirt, and white shoes, Michael Kors. By the way, I love Russian designers, they make unique clothes and these are not really expensive. So, Aina makes very glam stuff and you can wear them on the red carpet and look like a movie star. Now let's talk about my favorite place Farmers Market. I go there every weekend, honestly. If you want to see and try all colors and flavors of LA you should go there. Every weekend there is a live music, the place is very lively and kids running around. Especially I love veggies and fruits so if you are fresh, non-GMO food lover it's definitely your place. In the same area, there is The Grove my favorite place as well. Usually, I go to the Farmers Market to eat La Napoleon Crepe and then move to The Grove for shopping. See you next time! Lav Yall. Your EL EL