Beauty As Art

Hello Hello, my lovelies and beauties! I hope your all doing great! You all are doing great! Doing great! As you know from my previous post I'm very into art. You know that women are the favored God's creations, therefore, we are basically artwork. So, every time when we do our makeup we create a masterpiece our ourselves. For my part, I don't do very strong evening make up. I love the neutral colors and very light makeup. When I lived in Moscow, I went to make up school and all instructors said the same thing, "The most important is the foundation." I remembered it forever. So, ma fav is Armani foundation. For me, it's perfect as it is half glossy and half matte. Generally, I love Armani makeup. So, first I apply foundation, then I do my eyebrow for sure with Anastasia Beverly Hills. Also, I discovered for myself is Marc Jacobs eyeliner, it's amazing. Even if you are not the best eye line maker, you can easily draw the perfect line. Finally, I love counting because I have round facial projection features and I must have some counter. That's all I need for my makeup finally, I love counting because I have round facial projection features and I must have some counter. That's all I need for my masterpiece. 

What about my accessories... I am addicted by watches. Let me tell you a very sad story. A few years ago I was flying to Turkey and took a small suitcase just for makeup and accessories. I put there 5 pairs of diamond watches in addition edition watch. So, what do you think happened next? I send them to baggage and someone just stole literally everything from my bag. It was the worst day for me, however, if something that you really like leaves you, it means that it takes with it all bad energy, so I paid this price to be saved from something bad. There are two Rolex watches that I can't leave without. I just wear the with everything and every day. In addition, I have two bracelets with the signs, "California and Freedom," Yes, it says about my lifestyle so they mean a lot to me despite the fact that I bought them for $15 at the Farmers Market. Lastly about my perfume: my favorite perfume is Clive Christian. I have a funny story related to it as well. I have been using them for almost ten years now and I never bought them by myself. I very good friend of mine buys them for all these years. This perfume kind of representation of our friendship and it is our small tradition. So, this scent has linked with him and I want to say Thank you to my friends.

It is very important to have goo friends, I'm the lucky person that I have a few really good people in my life. So, love each other and stay positive! Lav Y'all! Your EL EL