Blazer trend

Hello, Lovelies! 
I had a crazy week. It took me a while to find the right piece of my outfit and put them together. My biggest love from my outfit is a blazer, belt, and bracelets. I'm obsessed by my Zara blazer because it is something that I can wear with anything. First time I was dreaming about Balenciaga blazer which is SOLD OUT literally everywhere. Yes, it was the best seller and yes, I was late as usual. I checked literally every single website with blazers and found it unexpectedly when I was passing by Zara. Before that, I bought a Gucci broach and belt and didn't with what should I wear them. So, as you see everything fit very cool with my blazer. This time I deduced to look very classy and feminine and for my Santa Monica walk I wore green Dian For Furstenberg dress (she is a queen of classy and feminine dresses), shoes Lous Vuitton, Zara blazer, Gucci belt and Bracelets Dior and Luis Vuitton.


Thank you for stepping by! Love Ya'll your EL EL