Like a Mermaid...

Hello, guys! In most part of the world summer, a bit delayed. Same happened in California, summer is not as hot as it supposed to be. I mean, I'm fine with the weather because it's not too hot and not too cold, however, I'm a beach girl and love to do surfing. So, I need more sun for it. But the weather is perfect for photo shoots. Morning fog and a vast panorama of the indigo ocean look like a painted picture. My dark blue Alexander Terekhov dress harmonizes with the landscape and I look like a mermaid. I wore it with Topshop belt that became a must have accessory for me, I wear it literally with everything. Getting back to the designer, I told you in my previous post that I love Russian designers so this guy is one of my favorites. He makes a very simple design but, his clothes look every elegant. The words greatness lies in simplicity are definitely about his brand.  Same I want to say about Venice Beach as it is very simple and so beautiful at the same time. I usually rent surfboard there and spend all day long having fun there. 
Hope you liked my post and see you next time. 
Love Y'all! You EL EL ​