Red Rose in Bradburry Building


Hello, my lovelies! Happy to see you again. This time I will tell you about the fantastic Bradbury Building. When I entered the building, it took my breath away. I don't know why, but I felt that I entered Titanic. Strange comparison... I know. There was not too much space to walk around and everything from the second floor was closed. Bradbury Building is one of the oldest buildings in Downtown LA, it is not strange that they closed some floors for restoration. If you want to see something unusual, you should definitely visit this place.

Now I will tell you about my outfit. I had a birthday a week before I went to Bradbury Building and my friends gave embroidered denim jacket. Yes, they always know what I want, as for my red dress I bought it when I was in Moscow four years ago. I felt like romantic outfit will look harmonious with this dramatic architecture. My look was supplemented by Gucci Princetown leather slippers and Basma Collection scarf. 


Love Y'all! Stay positive and eat more chocolate.
Your El El