Abbot Kinney and Zadig Volataire

Hello, my lovelies! Hope you are enjoying your summer. My summer is quite productive, I would say. Unfortunately, I'm much busier than I expected but still, I'm happy.I found a free day and went to one of my favorite local spots, Abbot Kinney Blvd on Venice. You all probably know that I'm art obsessed, that why everytime I visit I find myself lost in beauty. Every single spot is a creative masterpiece hidden among some of the nicest and most unique shops in Los Angeles. This time I stopped into one of my favorite shops choice, Zadig&Voltaire. You know there are only a few brands where I can not only find an entire outfit but make it a new daily love.  Unsurprisingly I found essential staple pieces that I have been looking around for ages for.  I bought black boots, olive green jacket and black T-shirt that you will see in my next post. I was lucky because there was 50% discount going on in store. I'm now waiting for another sale so I can get a super black dress that I've got my eye on. To be honest, when I prepared for this photo shoot I had another outfit but once I got some of these awesome pieces I had to incorporate them.  I love to be spontaneous, that's all me. 

So my loves are spontaneous and your life will be more interesting! Lav you'll! Your EL EL