Malibu Farm and Pinky Me

Hello, sweeties! I can't wait to share with you a place that I'm in love with Malibu Farm. I know that I will often spend my time this summer. I'm obsessed by restaurants and cafe's and try new food, especially if it's good. The most important in choosing restaurants for me is choosing. Malibu Farm is a very cozy place and the panoramic ocean view with amazing Californian sunset make this place charming. I ordered a Cesar salad and a cup of cappuccino that were extremely tasty and if I say "tasty" believe me it's true because I'm a picky gourmet. So, let's talk about my outfit. You want to believe if I will say that my headwrap is not was my old blouse that I found in the trunk. Yep, I forgot my scarf. I  also wore Zara pink tunic, pink pants, and yellow sleepers. Sleepers I love the most because they were comfortable. No matter how expensive is your outfit it will not look nice on you if you don't feel comfortable. 

So, stay positive and eat more chocolate! Lav Y'all! 

Your EL EL